Australia, Vietnam cooperate in fostering gender equality in digital diplomatic practice



The shift of diplomatic practice to remote engagement, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought opportunities and challenges to women diplomats, and affected their careers in different ways.


The Women in Diplomacy workshops, co-hosted by MOFA and Australia, provided female diplomats with open discussions and practical skills to promote digital transition and gender equality in diplomacy.



Australian and Vietnamese experts discussed shared experiences regarding the impacts of COVID-19 on women in diplomacy.


Mrs Le Thi Thu Hang, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, speaks highly of cooperation with Australia in promoting digital diplomacy and gender equality in diplomatic practice.


During the workshops, participants discussed remote diplomatic practice initiatives during and after COVID-19.


The workshops also introduced the best technical platforms for digital diplomacy and provide participants with practical skills in building an online presence and capability.




“It was great for us to have a safe forum for group discussions and sharing of personal stories to build networks and gain support. After the workshop, we have gained the practical skills for enhancing our online presence for diplomacy,” said Ms Vu Trang Ngan, Department of Cultural Diplomacy and UNESCO.


Australia and Vietnam are committed to work together on the empowerment of women in diplomacy in the digital age, contributing to deepened Strategic Partnership between the two countries.