Vocational Education and Training


Australia has a world-leading VET sector, with qualifications informed by industry needs and strong quality assurance. Aus4Skills is the most significant area of cooperation between Australia and Vietnam on VET.


Through Aus4Skills, Australia is applying its VET experience in Vietnam to introduce training that is strongly responding to skills needs by enterprises, improving quality of VET graduates in the logistics and allied sectors. Aus4Skills is also upgrading management and technical skills for academic leaders, trainers and management at VET partner institutions in the logistics sector.


Aus4Skills works across the Australian Government, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Vietnamese Department of Vocational Education and Training, as well as VET colleges across Vietnam. 


Strategic priorities under this component include:

  • The pilot of Logistics Industry Reference Council is established and implements its activities effectively and sustainably.
  • Targeted VET colleges and enterprises deliver training in logistics-related occupations based on the knowledge and requirement that learners need to acquire after graduating.
  • Targeted VET colleges and enterprises implement quality assurance frameworks for skills development in the logistics and allied sectors.
  • Targeted VET colleges and enterprises promote inclusive skills development and employment in the logistics and allied sectors

Learn more about the results of Aus4Skills support to Vietnam's VET sector through this video, or download our factsheet


Logistics Industry Reference Council


One of the major achievements under this activity was support for Vietnam to establish the Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC). The LIRC is a collaboration between industry, the VET sector and government to improve the relevance and quality of VET graduates to meet market needs in the logistics sector.


Aus4Skills is working with the Government of Vietnam to expand the successful pilot model to a national scale.